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Current information rail traffic, maintenance, and potential disruptions.

Current rail traffic information and updates

Please note that: The international trains 334/335 operating on the distance Belgrade – Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki – Belgrade are only operating until 30.09.2018.

For more details about current rail traffic information and potential disruptions, please see below information from the railway company’s websites:

  1. France: National Railway Company SNCF
  2. Great Britain: Rail Delivery Group (RDG)
  3. The Netherlands: National Railway Company NS
  4. Switzerland: National Railway Company SBB
  5. Germany: German Railway Company DB
Strikes in France

A large strike will take place in France from April to June 2018, which will have an impact on international trains. Customers are advised to come to the station early if they have to travel during the strike period.

Please note that:

  • During the days of the strike, Pass holders who already have a reservation are able to board the train, but their seats will not be guaranteed. Pass holders who won’t be able to get on the train or whose train is cancelled will be able to board the next train to the destination.
  • All the information concerning the circulation of the train will be available the day before departure day, from 5 PM. Information about the journey with TGV in France and in Europe or Intercities can be found on the SNCF website or app. Pass holders can find their train number on their reservation ticket or in the confirmation mail.

For travel in May and June, it is currently too early to know what the consequences will be in the traffic. More information will be communicated later.

For further information on the timetable, please see below or directly to SNCF website.

  1. France strike: timetable May 8th
  2. France strike: timetable May 14th
  3. France strike: timetable May 15th
Thello trains disruptions

Due to the SNCF strike, the circulation of Thello trains may be subject to changes. The status of the affected trains will be confirmed 24 hours before their departure on the following page:

Track Maintenance in Sweden from June 25th to August 19th

From June 25th until August 19th, 2018, all trains between Stockholm Central and the south of Sweden will stop and turn around at Stockholm Södra and Flemingsberg station, instead of Stockholm Central. SJ High speed trains will arrive and depart from Stockholm Södra during the track work period.  There will also be cases of totally cancelled trains and changes in the departure and arrival stations in the Stockholm area. Travel times will be prolonged in cases when trains are rerouted and/or replacement buses are in operation.

Stockholm Södra is normally a commuter station in Stockholm’s Södermalm district. The travel time between Stockholm Södra and Stockholm City is 3 minutes. The station offers shopping and a restroom. During the track maintenance period, both a manned SJ counter and SJ passenger hosts will be available at the station.

Please note that:

  • Eurail and Interrail Passes valid in Sweden are also valid on replacement bus services.
  • SL trams in the Stockholm area are NOT included in the Pass. Pass holders must buy an additional ticket between Stockholm central and Stockholm Södra / Flemingsberg to use the local tram. The ticket is available at, via the link in the Rail Planner App, at the station Stockholm Södra / Flemingsberg.
  • For more information regarding the track maintenance and scheduled track work 2018, please visit:

In here you can download a list of questions and answers regarding track maintenance in Sweden which can help Pass holders understand more about the issue.

Maintenance work between Munich and Rosenheim/Innsbruck/Schwarzach - St. Veit

Due to maintenance works on the catenary/power supply on the section between Munich and Rosenheim/Innsbruck Central Station/Schwarzach – St. Veit from 16th May to 5th August, there will be trains cancellations between Munich Central Station and Rosenheim/Innsbruck Central Station/Schwarzach – St. Veit.

  • Several EC and IC trains between Munich Central Station and Rosenheim/Innsbruck Central Station/Schwarzach – St. Veit will be cancelled.
  • Several EC and IC trains will make detours via Holzkirchen and won’t stop in Munich East Station.

Please note that this can lead to up to 46 minutes earlier departures and up to 38 minutes delayed arrivals in Munich Central Station.

It is highly recommended to check train timetables on DB website ( before starting the journeys, especially departure times if reservations have been made long in advance (where often the changes of departure times have not yet been notified).

For more information, please click here.

Eurail Group regularly updates the page, but not all maintenance or disruptions are listed as they may be for a short time period only. For real-time travel information, it is best to visit the railway company’s website.

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