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Current information rail traffic, maintenance, and potential disruptions.

Current rail traffic information and updates

For more details about current rail traffic information and potential disruptions, please see below information from the railway company’s websites:

  1. France: National Railway Company SNCF
  2. Great Britain: Rail Delivery Group (RDG)
  3. The Netherlands: National Railway Company NS
  4. Switzerland: National Railway Company SBB
  5. Germany: German Railway Company DB
Flooding in South France 24.10.2019 – 31.12.2019


All international rail links of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation are not operating, and as of now it is not possible to carry out alternative means of transport. Rail traffic is predicted to be impacted until 31.12.2019.

Traffic for the domestic route between Paris and Montpellier is still operating.

Travelers are advised to postpone their trips and to check the rail traffic situation at the usual information points.


Alternative Transport Measures

Renfe and SNCF are currently investigating the technical feasibility of performing alternative transport services, which will be communicated in a timely manner.

For the, 29/10, a special timetable is in place to facilitate travel of international customers with tickets between the indicated stations:

  • Travelers to Paris can use a replacement train from Barcelona to Figueras Vilafant, where they will transfer on a train to Perpignan, Narbonne and Paris-Montparnasse
  • Travelers originating in Paris can use a replacement train leaving Paris-Montparnasse station to Figueras Vilafant, where they will transfer to Girona and Barcelona by train. This train will also stop at Narbonne and Perpignan


Cancellations and refunds for reservations made through Renfe-SNCF

Travelers will be able to choose between:

  • The exchange of their reservation for any other travel date
    – If the exchange is made before 11, this will be done at no cost.
    – If done afterwards, the possible fare difference related to the new chosen travel date will be borne by the customer.
  • Cancellation of their trip and therefore the full refund of the original reservation
    – The customer may send a refund request to SNCF Customer Service afterwards (within 3 months after the travel date of their ticket).

Eurail Group regularly updates the page, but not all maintenance or disruptions are listed as they may be for a short time period only. For real-time travel information, it is best to visit the railway company’s website.

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