Rail Traffic Information

Current information rail traffic, maintenance, and potential disruptions.

Current rail traffic information and updates

Please note that: The international trains 334/335 operating on the distance Belgrade – Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki – Belgrade are only operating until 30.09.2018.

For more details about current rail traffic information and potential disruptions, please see below information from the railway company’s websites:

  1. France: National Railway Company SNCF
  2. Great Britain: Rail Delivery Group (RDG)
  3. The Netherlands: National Railway Company NS
  4. Switzerland: National Railway Company SBB
  5. Germany: German Railway Company DB
New rule: door closing on Trenitalia's trains

Please be aware that as per new rule, Trenitalia’s domestic long-haul trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity, and Intercity Night), will close their coach doors: 1 minute before the time of departure. Due to this change, it’s recommended for passengers to arrive earlier.

Furthermore, please check train timetables on Treinitalia app before starting your journeys.

SNCF’s strike: possible Thello train circulation changes

Due to a strike of SNCF railway, Thello trains: 200/201 Venice <-> Paris may be subject to circulation changes from 21st – 31st December 2018. The above mentioned trains are temporarily closed to sales. Thello recommends passengers to check www.thello.com in order to get updated information.

Schedule changes for Serbian Railways: international routes

Please note that there are some changes in Serbian Railways’ train timetable starting from November 9th 2018.

Detail information regarding these changes is available here (in German). Furthermore, it is highly recommended to check train timetables on http://serbianrailways.com/ before starting your journeys.

Eurail Group regularly updates the page, but not all maintenance or disruptions are listed as they may be for a short time period only. For real-time travel information, it is best to visit the railway company’s website.

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